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Client Situation

ABM required a software solution that could precisely calculate preventive maintenance time on hundreds of equipment types impacted by dozens of environmental variables. Once calculated, the data would be compiled into an accurate pricing proposal. “Everyone was extremely excited to begin this project, but we did not have the resources to conceptualize, document, and build the user experience we wanted to for this very important and powerful program,” explained Jim Wharton, Area Vice President. “The goal was to create a data-driven, dynamic tool, known as PriceBuilder, that would enable sales representatives to survey existing equipment and build accurate pricing proposals based on the correct amount of preventive maintenance for a wide spectrum of equipment types.”

After evaluating several companies, ABM partnered with AWH to turn PriceBuilder into a reality. “From the beginning, we were very impressed with the AWH team. It was clear that AWH is a very capable and agile association that would give our project the attention and focus it deserved.”

Product Development

Bringing PriceBuilder to life would be a very complex project. According to Saad Kamal, Project Manager at AWH, “PriceBuilder is insanely dynamic, which was a challenge to display on screen and still make sense to users.” He continued, “People use this tool who may only have limited technical training. It was a top requirement that PriceBuilder be easily understood by ABM’s non-technical audience and allow endusers to capture and access important information in the field.”

To meet ABM’s requirements, AWH partnered with Linc Service, a member of the ABM Franchising Group committed to providing preventative HVAC service and energy solutions to commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Prior to development, the team had lengthy, detailed discussions around ABM’s vision for the project before translating expectations into wireframes.

Communication was key to the success of the PriceBuilder. Wharton stated, “Throughout the process, we felt up-to-speed on the status of the project and were impressed with how quickly AWH was able to boil this massive project down into bitesized deliverables and keep development moving forward.”

PriceBuilder launched in 2015. Wharton said, “We were extremely pleased with the end results. There were no ‘gotchas’ or bugs and we continue to work with AWH to make PriceBuilder better and better.” He continued, “People bring up ideas and the next month, they’re implemented . We have been amazed at how quickly AWH has been able to adjust the software to meet our needs.”


Since launch, ABM has experienced the following benefits:

Increased Efficiency

With its robust capabilities and user-friendly design, PriceBuilder has enabled sales representatives to more quickly and accurately evaluate equipment and build pricing proposals to address customer needs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

PriceBuilder has not only enabled reps to work more efficiently, but has also become a competitive differentiator. “We’re putting the tool directly in front of our customers. They’ve been extremely impressed by the data we can share and reps have reported closing business because of PriceBuilder.”

Continued Innovation

ABM continues to enhance PriceBuilder, with new capabilities planned to roll out in 2017. “What stands out about PriceBuilder is that it’s a living, breathing product,” explained Kamal. “It started off as an idea that was well-thought-out and rigorously planned, and has now morphed into something that effectively grows along with the needs of ABM.”