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Honoring Our Heritage While Looking to the Future With Our Clients

Ryan Frederick | July 6th, 2023 | Dublin, OH

As we approach our third decade of helping organizations to leverage technology to fuel growth, we're reflective, grateful, and evolving. Clients have allowed us to be part of creating many digital firsts and helping to transform their organizations for greater impact. We will always stay true to our roots of being a digital product design and development firm that allows clients to solve problems through digital transformation and evolution. With the advent of a new wave of technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we have to evolve to enable us to fulfill our promise to our clients to help them successfully navigate the technology landscape. We've had many clients ask for, and we see a broader need for us to provide innovation services that enable clients to evaluate, define, and strategically capitalize on new technologies. In many ways, we have been serving as innovation guides and digital product creation since our beginning. As we see the need for more organizations to benefit from innovation consulting services, we are evolving to meet this need.

So what does this mean in practicality? Our service mix to clients consists of five primary areas listed below:

  1. Digital Innovation Guidance: We work with your team to devise robust strategies that foster innovation, driving your organization toward long-term success.
  2. Digital Transformation Consultation & Implementation: We advise and guide your organization in leveraging emerging technologies like AI, ML, RPA, IoT, Blockchain, and more for competitive advantage.
  3. Digital Product Design & Development: Our experienced team of designers and developers create intuitive and high-performing digital products, from mobile apps to complex web platforms, by augmenting your team or handling it all for you.
  4. Data Analytics and AI: We implement data analytics solutions and integrate AI into your business processes for improved decision-making and automation.
  5. Technology Due Diligence: An evaluation of tools, systems, and applications to help inform strategic investments and to reduce unnecessary expenses.

We engage with clients in flexible ways. Depending on the practice area and a client's needs, we can engage under a large project format with a multi-disciplinary team that takes the reins and executes a project from start to completion on an outsourced basis, we augment a client's existing team and support them where and how needed, and lastly, we do specific consulting engagements that help a client to determine what to do, when, and how to accomplish their objectives. Our technology cost reduction service is performed on a contingency basis, with clients only paying based on the savings we deliver.

Innovation and transformation have always been at the heart of our work. We're acknowledging that with the evolution to being a digital innovation collaborative that helps organizations to catalyze innovation and craft solutions to the most challenging problems and highest value opportunities.