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Create Big Impact with The Big Give 2020

Taylor Miller | June 9th, 2020

Tomorrow, we celebrate the tenth year of The Big Give, a 25-hour fundraising event for local nonprofits and charities. The Big Give begins on June 10th, at 10 AM, and ends on June 11th, at 11 AM. This event brings together over 1,100 local nonprofits who fight every day to make our community a better place. When you support the nonprofit of your choice, your donation is boosted thanks to a bonus pool of over a million dollars provided by The Columbus Foundation and generous community partners. (The Columbus Foundation).

For over ten years, The Columbus Foundation has been celebrating the Big Give and bringing our community together. This year, the Columbus Foundation is putting extra emphasis on those who have been deeply affected by Covid-19. Highlighted below are three funds that are solely focused on fighting this pandemic. (The Columbus Foundation).

  1.  Service Relief for Hospitality Workers — this is a community fund that is focused on supporting restaurant industry professionals in Franklin County. They provide relief for hospitality workers by identifying and utilizing resources to eliminate hunger for these workers and their families by soliciting, collecting, and preparing food for free distribution.
  2.  Gifts of Kindness — this fund is focused on helping individuals and families in Central Ohio who are in critical need.
  3.  Emergency Response Fund- This fund is distributed as grants to local non-profits who support those who are the most vulnerable in our community. 

As we all navigate the difficulties of a global pandemic and social disruption it’s important to remember we’ve rallied together during hard times before and we will do it again. In fact, if you take a look at the history of The Columbus Foundation, you’ll see it was founded during World War II, one of our bleakest moments in history. It’s during the dark times that philanthropy is most felt and most needed. As we are all rocked by current events, we are also reminded of the importance to stand together and help our neighbors.
Here are AWH, we are proud to partner with nonprofits and startups to build digital products with the power to change the world through social impact. For over 77 years, The Columbus Foundation has fought for their mission “-to assist donors and others in strengthening and improving our community for the benefit of all its residents” Today, we are proud to support The Columbus Foundation and The Giving Store and we hope to see your support as well. (The Columbus Foundation).

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