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Bailey Hanley

Director of Business Development

Headshot of Bailey

Bailey has become a pivotal figure in the tech world, specializing in fostering growth and efficiency through custom software solutions. Her expertise lies in bridging the gap between technology and social impact, making her an ideal spokesperson for Transform Labs' mission to utilize technology as a force for good.

At the core of Bailey's philosophy is a commitment to values like equity, sustainability, and human-centered design. This aligns seamlessly with Transform Labs' ethos of creating a just, resilient, and inclusive future through technology. Her hands-on experience in the nonprofit, startup, and social impact sectors has equipped her with a unique perspective on how technology can amplify reach and impact.

Bailey's role at Transform Labs transcends the traditional boundaries of tech leadership. She is not only a skilled strategist and relationship builder but also a mentor and coach, particularly to female entrepreneurs and executives. Her approach to leadership is holistic, focusing on aligning purpose, leadership, wellbeing, relationships, and finances for breakthrough results.

In her professional endeavors, Bailey is known for her versatility, creativity, emotional intelligence, and strong business acumen. She is adept at building trust through engaging communication and deep listening, making her an effective and empathetic leader. Her ability to provide strategic yet compassionate guidance is a testament to her skill as a thought partner.

She believes in the transformative power of aligning one's vision with personal values, a philosophy that resonates deeply within the tech industry. Her work in guiding women, social entrepreneurs, founders, and creatives to achieve their goals while staying true to their values has made her an influential figure in the tech community.

In summary, Bailey Hanley represents the intersection of technological innovation and social responsibility. Her leadership at Transform Labs exemplifies how technology can be leveraged for positive change, making her an ideal spokesperson for the firm's vision and values.


  1. Technology and Social Impact Integration
  2. Holistic Leadership Development
  3. Thoughtful Tech Advocate
  4. Values-Driven Commitment